what are you doing this weekend?

Friday, June 29, 2012

what are your plans? here's what we've got going on.....

  • shop for a chest/drawer for me and my overflowing clothes
  • watch disney's Brave with the little guy
  • test drive an SUV or a minivan or a crossover vehicle
  • check out an art school for kids 
  • attend a memorial service 
  • hear an early mass and then brunch on sunday
  • and for me, i have to complete and finalize a guest blog post and finish up my latest giveaway post! 

PHEW! that does sound a lot for a 2-day weekend! 
i hope you all have a great one!

our budding little artist

Thursday, June 28, 2012

i am such a bad mom. i never really pay attention with aston's little take home projects from whenever he started school back when he was only 2. i have kept all of them but now i am thinking i am going back and sort them out again and stare at them in a different light. 

recently (he just turned 5) he has been bringing home an impressive collection of artwork he has done from school and summer camp. i don't know, maybe it's just me since i am his mom - but i am really loving all his work! 


above is a springtime project he did last april during preK

Summer camp painting

a watercolor painting on paper he called "the dragon" from this year's summer camp 
this purple watercolor on canvas is from vacation bible school last week

Latest by A

and yesterday he came home with this blue watercolor in rolled paper 

houston peeps, do you know of any art kids school here in houston? i'm thinking of enrolling him and get him the proper training to hone his skills. if there is such thing. i am planning of grabbing paint and canvas from michaels this weekend and get him working at home. that would get him started. he has the rest of summer to get busy! 

july 4th babies

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

fireworks and sparklers. parades and balloons. stars and stripes. surely, the red white and blue are for babies too!

july 4th babies

click the items below for sources :

aston's superhero 5th birthday party

Monday, June 25, 2012

last friday, paula of frog prince paperie first featured aston's superhero party in her blog. that was exciting because paula's team was responsible for all the party printable designs including the invites!

our little guy just turned 5 and after a long debate who won over the party theme (spiderman vs superman), we finally decided on doing the complete superhero party in case he changes his little fickle mind again. and in the event he did so, we got every superhero covered! 


we had the big celebration at planet wow - an indoor playground place where all the kids (and adults) released all their morning energy in the bounce houses and giant slides. it was truly fun and we all had a blast! 

the day of the party i had to consider transporting all  the party decor to the venue, so i decided to use unbreakable reusable stuff we already have at home. aston's spiderman toy box organizer served as the cake stand. his standby lunchboxes (i didnt realize he had half a dozen of them) also were part of the decor and held strings for the balloons.

for the party signage, an old ikea plastic frame held an invitation placed atop a shoebox from his new superhero sneakers his grandparents gave him. i just personalized the shoebox by sticking some of his party printables on them. it was a great way of adding height to the dessert table (see first photo of this post). i also had coloring sheets printed, rolled and tied with coordinating ribbons as an inexpensive addition to the party favors. they also served as tablecenterpieces and part of the dessert table to add color and height! 

i utilized some of the printables in different ways this time. the cupcake round toppers were used as stickers for the gable boxes, crayon toppers and cookie toppers. the scrapbook paper were used as placemats for each place setting and liners for the white platters that held the cakepops. the small favor boxes were cut to use as tags for the gable boxes as well.

each guest get to take home a gable box filled with crayons, pens/pencils, masks, superhero candy and coloring sheets. they were treated with sweet desserts such as star sugar cookies, cupcakes with superhero rings, cakepops and cake. 

we are so blessed to have all our family, relatives and friends there to enjoy aston's memorable 5th birthday party! see you all next year!

party printables and invitation : FROG PRINCE PAPERIE
cake and cakepops : THE SWEET BOUTIQUE
venue : PLANET WOW
cupcakes : HEB

all photography by AILYNNE ABARADO-REMIGIO

meeting amy

Sunday, June 24, 2012

last friday i had the chance to sneak out from work and head over to williams-sonoma for the book signing event of Amy Atlas' sweet designs book. i was there early along with party planner jennifer of petit delights, who i planned to meet at the said event. we both had a chance to chat with amy for a little bit. she was just wonderful and warm as she can be and i think i was a bit starstruck and overwhelmed just meeting her! 

she did a meet and greet with each arriving guest and took time chatting with us even before the event officially started. her whole presentation was engaging and full of amazing party styling tips. they served delicious strawberry trifle and the most refreshing red zinger iced tea with watermelon wedges during the brief presentation (both recipes are in the book). she also took time for pictures with every single one of us lining up for the book signing. she was so gracious and humble and i am so glad to have finally met her! 

Amy Atlas set up

the picnic in the park setup

Amy Atlas

amy chatting with us before the event and yes, isn't her hair gorgeous?!

Jennifer and Amy

amy and jennifer of petit delights.
and oh, i did briefly meet the fabulous bridget of Bake at 350 ~ that was a blast too!

Ailynne and Amy

my amazing niece photographer/teacher/mommy ailynne who also joined us

Me and Amy

starstruck at the book signing event

Book signing

to wrap it up ~ meeting amy was one of the highlights of my blogging "career"! 

to check her book signing schedule, click here

julep maven

Saturday, June 23, 2012

i am excited to get my initial julep maven subscription box in the mail today! 

after signing up for the monthly subscription (for only $0.01 initial fee! code : PENNYINTRO) just the other day, i got my first box just days later. and i am in love with the first colors they sent me. renee, is a dreamy lavender and eva is more of a raspberry pink hue. i love that julep's nailcolors are free from the 4 dreaded Fs : formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene and DBP. to try them out, sign up for the monthly julep maven box! 

Julep maven box


poolside pretty

Friday, June 22, 2012

on this official second day of summer (and also happens to be a friday!), we wish we are by the poolside sipping a mojito!

Poolside Pretty

but that's ok, it's still going to be a great day as i am preparing to finally meet THE amy atlas at her book signing event here in town. i will keep you in the loop by frequent updates via my twitter or instagram account! so, follow us!


memories keepsake in a bottle

Thursday, June 21, 2012

last friday, aston came home from vacation bible school with the most precious keepsake they made just in time for father's day.

their summer camp and VBS theme this year was "under the sea" and this was the perfect project for them. inside a mason jar is filled with sand and seashells topped with his photo and wrapped with a raffia string. just darling!

For Father's day

this keepsake gift can be easily recreated especially with the kids being home from school and with many beach trips for the summer, this is the perfect souvenir they can make. i found this tutorial (link below) from tip junkie and i hope it can guide you in creating your memories keepsake in a jar!

{photo source and DIY instructions, HERE}

society social's manifesto magalog

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

have you read the society social's latest magalog? lots and lots of pretty amazing stuff. i'm talking about  lovely home interiors, great entertaining tips and tons of gorgeous SS products - and that's just part I ! 

slightly infatuated with these images from the magalog

and alongside some of my favorite bloggers and party planners, i dished out some of my favorite entertaining tips! so thrilled to be a part of it! 
ROXY, congratulations and so excited to see how much SS has grown and i am so happy for you friend! 

superhero party peeks

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

last month we celebrated aston's 5th birthday with a superhero party and i finally got the amazing pictures my talented niece ailynne captured from the party (THANK YOU!). there are hundreds of beautiful photos to sort and i am just going to share a few of them here for now. i want to post them all! 

thank you once again to all our friends and family who came to celebrate with us and making that day another special birthday for our little superhero! 


and she's in facebook too!