our budding little artist

Thursday, June 28, 2012

i am such a bad mom. i never really pay attention with aston's little take home projects from whenever he started school back when he was only 2. i have kept all of them but now i am thinking i am going back and sort them out again and stare at them in a different light. 

recently (he just turned 5) he has been bringing home an impressive collection of artwork he has done from school and summer camp. i don't know, maybe it's just me since i am his mom - but i am really loving all his work! 


above is a springtime project he did last april during preK

Summer camp painting

a watercolor painting on paper he called "the dragon" from this year's summer camp 
this purple watercolor on canvas is from vacation bible school last week

Latest by A

and yesterday he came home with this blue watercolor in rolled paper 

houston peeps, do you know of any art kids school here in houston? i'm thinking of enrolling him and get him the proper training to hone his skills. if there is such thing. i am planning of grabbing paint and canvas from michaels this weekend and get him working at home. that would get him started. he has the rest of summer to get busy! 


lilivi said...

I am excited what other stuff he can do..

lilivi said...

I am excited what other stuff he can do..

Mree said...

He is very talented!! I love his dragon painting. I would totally buy it and hang it up in my home.