what are you doing this weekend?

Friday, June 29, 2012

what are your plans? here's what we've got going on.....

  • shop for a chest/drawer for me and my overflowing clothes
  • watch disney's Brave with the little guy
  • test drive an SUV or a minivan or a crossover vehicle
  • check out an art school for kids 
  • attend a memorial service 
  • hear an early mass and then brunch on sunday
  • and for me, i have to complete and finalize a guest blog post and finish up my latest giveaway post! 

PHEW! that does sound a lot for a 2-day weekend! 
i hope you all have a great one!

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Hamptontoes said...

I see you pack your days like me! My children went to see Brave last Friday. I will be playing on the beach with kiddies and doing lots of snuggle story time in the hammock!