blue and brown [a baby shower]

Sunday, October 3, 2010

a few weeks ago i attended a cousin's baby shower hosted by her mom and sister. it was nice for a change to be a fulltime guest and not be part of the creative force behind the party planning which sometimes stress me out a bit.

the afternoon was a fun gathering and fellowship with family and relatives over delicious food. it would be my cousin's second baby boy, so the pregnancy (and the party) was light and easy-going. like her first baby shower, the theme surrounded on the blue and brown palette.

the food fare included ceasar salad, yummy creamy spinach dip (which the honoree herself made - my fave), garlic bread, fettucini alfredo, chicken parmesan, traditional filipino noodle dish (which the honoree's grandma made), steamed rice cake muffins and the mocha-flavored cupcakes!

the adorable cake topper and cupcakes were created by frances of rustika bakery, who was also responsible in making the cakes for the following parties i hosted, this baby shower and our little boy's third birthday party. the cake and cupcakes were mocha with buttercream frosting. so moist and scrumptious!

party favors were chocolate mint truffles from godiva - to die for! as you guessed it, mine were gone before i made it home. and i just live a few blocks away from my cousin's house! LOL

how cute is that cake topper!

diapers are the best gift ever! she received about 10 boxes of wipes and diapers - and im not exaggerating!

my cousin is just glowing!

and here's me, shamelessly gobbling my second plate of pasta!

:: :: ::

i have to give credit to the honoree's sister who flawlessly prepared and hosted the party. she thought and led the fun games. she also took these photos. as a fulltime lawyer and an excellent budding photographer on weekends, the honoree's sister and our host, anne-marie did a great job!

we all cant wait to meet our new little nephew due to arrive in a few weeks!


PearlsAndGreenTea said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! What a beautiful shower!

Rachel said...

Beautiful party!

JC's Loft said...

Cute cake!

Susan said...

You look absolutely elegant--just like the celebration. Nothing beats homemade touches from Grandma and mom because they are made with love.