choo choo train [our little boy turns 3!]

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

last may, our son turned 3 and like all other boys - he is obsessed with thomas the tank engine. i've prepped for months, slaved over websites and blogs for train party ideas and this all triggered these creative indulgences i've had lately. i've been inspired and there's no stopping now.

so here are a few pictures from the party that took place in our local children's museum.

aston's 3rd birthday party

aston's 3rd birthday

not the best angled shot, but hey, the colorful table was splendid (i think). the bundt cake toppers, name banner and party favor stickers were from egovertopaper of etsy

aston's 3rd birthday

happy birthday thomas cake topper

cake was by rustika bakery and with flavors strawberries and cream for the top and dulce de leche for the bottom layer. both delicious! i wanted to divert away from thomas the train theme but i couldnt resist this "happy birthday" thomas the train toy used as a cake topper here. it was the only non-edible thing in his cake but my little boy loved it and he gets to play with it afterwards.

dulce de leche/strawberries and cream cake


personalized sugar cookies to go from the dessert bar were from etsy. the unwrapped blue and red lemon train cookies were from here. macarons were from doughmesstic coffee shop of etsy. yum

mini bundt bites

instead of the usual cupcakes, i opted to order the yummy mini bundt bites from corner bakery. sandwiches, chips and fruits were from there too

mini bundt bites

busy birthday boy

here is a shot of the birthday boy engaged in some coloring crafts i set up for them before and after the museum tour. the wooden trains were from michaels and i printed coloring sheets from the thomas the train website. all these topped with balloons, they also served as table centerpieces for the party.

we certainly had fun. especially me where i just get giddy excited over planning and coordinating all the party elements, i enjoyed during all the process and the reward of seeing every one having fun (especially the birthday boy) was worth it all!


Gabby said...

I had a comment written, and then something happened that deleted it all! Oh well. Nice party!

swankychicfete said...

thanks gabby for stopping by! your baby is just adorable!

Mary said...

Everything looks great! Wish I was there-looks like fun party!

swankychicfete said...

thanks mary! will def contact you in the future!

Marie said...

my daughter wants a wii themed birthday party next year and i'm already looking around for ideas. it's great how you put together aston's birthday party. i'm inspired!

swankychicfete said...

marie, ill email you a wii party i recently saw online. its super cute!