pink and yellow [a birthday luncheon]

Monday, July 12, 2010

another good friend celebrated her birthday last saturday and we've decided to make it extra special by adding lovely details for the lunch party with girlfriends. friend P loves anything frilly and girly and the table set up was just that.

phuong's birthday luncheon

for the table setting, i daintily arranged pink and yellow roses on miniature vases and tea pots. each guests have their own personal cupcake stand to hold their cupcake dessert. friend N dressed each cupcake stand (which really are candle holders) with beautiful ribbon skirts in pink and yellow.

phuong's birthday luncheon

my place setting

bag invites were the last minute evites sent out and printed from paperless post. a cute and chic alternative site for evites and ecards. another cute detail were the shoe favor filled with mints which friend N found at party city. who doesn't want a shoe and bag to take home?

personal cupcakes

personal cupcakes

cupcakes were special ordered from celebrity cupcakes. they were delectable lemon with raspberry frosting and vanilla with vanilla bean frosting

sushi raku

the cool backdrop for the lunch party at sushi raku midtown houston

phuong's birthday party

personal flower arrangements of roses and carnation buds with DIY place card flags

birthday cupcake

P's birthday cupcakes with intial candle.

it was indeed a lovely get together of friends and such a perfect way to celebrate a wonderful friend on her special day! happy birthday P!

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Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

This is such a lovely party! The cupcake stands are my favorite part!