mad potter party [a baby shower]

Thursday, September 9, 2010

i was browsing old pictures of my son in my computer the other day and found these party pictures from a baby shower hosted by dear friend N at a local mad potter place a few years ago. she singlehandedly coordinated and planned this baby shower and boy, did she do a great job!

this talented busy mommy of twins, who recently threw a fun pool party for the boys' 1st birthday, was also my partner in crime as we collaborated (more like goofing off fun times) on a couple of parties for our girlfriends in the past few months, a birthday luncheon and another baby shower last june.

here are some of the fun party details :

the party favors were handbags she decorated with bling rhinestones and topped with a hermes (as an ode to the handbag) ribbon as handles. they were filled with girly goodies like lipgloss, lotion and yummy pink candies.

daisy blooms on mason jars served as centerpieces for the work table. i say "work"table because guests were asked to decorate ceramic tiles to be later on be a part of a mirror as a gift to the baby shower honoree. it was a fun workshop!

the host also created this two-tiered fenced-in grass field as pink lollies stand. so cute!

apart from this yummy looking flower cupcakes, delicious treats were served from la madeleine french cafe!

i wish i had more pictures to share. im having my friend dig up more old pics so i can add to this post later on. in the meantime, its great to think about other venues for your next party other than your home or a typical restaurant. check out your nearby cupcake shop, chic boutique or spa salon and see if they can be the setting for your next party - my guess is they will be more than willing to accommodate you and your friends!


Gabby said...

Neat party and cute details. I love La Madeleine!

Ya know, I was reading on their website that they'll close the entire Cupcake Cafe for a private party, and the minimum is pretty low. I can't wait for an excuse to have something there.

I didn't know about Mad Potter, but I heard there's something like it I think on Murphy Road. When I was at Baylor, there was a place like that in Waco my sorority would have little parties at.

JC's Loft said...

I'm in the midst of creating my son's dessert table and centerpiece. I'm needing a white picket fence like the one shown in your pictures. Do you know how she made them?

swankychicfete said...

JC, per my crafty dear friend nina - the lollipop stand was created using green styrofoam blocks, green moss, popsicle sticks all hot-glued together and decorated with felt butterflies and flowers! all supplies available at hobby lobby, michaels or any local craft stores! good luck!

cant wait to see your son's party!