friday faves

Friday, September 10, 2010

yesterday i received a plethora of magazines and catalogs in the mail and from their pages, i was able to single out some cute exciting little things that caught my eye that i'd like to share with you. these blog post will also kick-off a "friday faves" theme every end of the week starting today.

# 1 FAVE

planning a destination wedding? maptotes can provide your guests customized eco-friendly totes and coordinating note cards to ease their travelling adventure in your wedding destination city! they even have 100% organic cotton onesies for the tiniest of guests! while you're in the site, please vote for TEXAS on the next location to add to their growing list of locales (pretty please) - thanks!

# 2 FAVE

these fleur de lis ceramic cards and cheese tiles are lovely and will be forever used in your parties for years to come!

# 3 FAVE

easy bake mini-cupcake maker from babycakes. machine is capable of making quiche, little tarts, scones and pies! complete with frosting decorating set - this might be ideal for me (im not a big success in the kitchen LOL).

# 4 FAVE

and lastly, beautiful personalized monogrammed cupcake wrappers from paper orchid to add an elegant touch to your cupcake dessert display!

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Gabby said...

Ooh! Me likey.

swankychicfete said...

gabby - did you vote for texas? LOL - just in time for your wedding, we will hopefully get texas totes!

JC's Loft said...

Oh I totally saw that Babycakes machine in the store the other day and held it in my hands looking it over...I put it back on the shelf, but now I'm re-thinking that!

PartyMom said...

ooooh! I love that onesie, it's so cute! Thanks for the link to Paper Orchid. I had a really hard time finding cupcake wrappers for T's birthday party.