friday is here

Friday, May 9, 2014

mother's day is this sunday and i'm sure families got some big plans for all the moms. as a mom myself, i am excited to see what the boys got planned. i could use some breakfast in bed, a mani/pedi me-time and simply precious uninterrupted time with the family. whether that's all going to really happen, remains to be seen. truthfully, i am just glad and contented that everyone's healthy and happy and what more can i ask for? 

today, i'm quickly sharing my latest favorites and hopefully you'll have a chance to check them out through the weekend :) 

let's talk about some really good stuff this week : 

BRUNCH-ING // my friend colleen  (from our scarf swap) is talking all about mother's day brunch and she's got great ideas

  HAIRSTYLIN' // i desperately need some working tools to handle my hair and i am definitely trying this

ADD TO FAVES // loving this latest chic site on motherhood style and parenting. a must-read this weekend!  

DIY-ing // i did an easy washi tape project a few weeks ago and this equally easy diy is next on my to-do list! 

LISTENING // i just discovered this talented duo and i can't stop listening to their songs. their songs are melodic, catchy, romantic - and oh i didn't mention they just got married and sang their wedding vows. they're so adorable together! xoxo

PARTY PLANNING // aston  will turn 7 in a few weeks and party planning is well underway. kelly  of WHHostess has customized invitations and party papergoods for the event and i can't wait to share them with you. meanwhile, i've created a pinterest board to get me on track. the not-so-little guy is excited for his upcoming bowling party!

i think that's all i've got!
i hope to check in here this weekend but we shall see how things turn out. should be a special weekend to all moms! have a great one friends!


Linh Vo said...

Happy early Mother's Day Lili! I know the boys will have something wonderful in store for you :) I need to try that hairdo from Joanna's blog.

The Cabby Crafter said...

Happy mothers day to one of the beautiful Mother's that I know.

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

Have a wonderful Mother's day! I'm sure your men have something great planned. I love the washi tape projects! so fun!