washi taped matches

Thursday, April 17, 2014

i am sharing today a super easy DIY using matches and colorful washi tapes. it's not the most original idea and i've seen it pinned in pinterest so many times. i just thought i'd actually make them as i found myself almost out of my decorative matches. 

i am constantly burning candles around the house and i knew i was going to run out of matches pretty soon. i forgot to order those lovely matches so after a quick trip to the grocery, i worked on embellishing an inexpensive pack of matches (under $ 1.50 for a pack of 10 small-sized matches) with washi tapes. 

here are your supplies : 

 matches, washi tapes, glue, white paper, scissors


before taping the matches with washi tapes, cut and cover the match logo with white paper. glue a cut out paper and cover the sides with logo to cancel out any colors that may appear under the washi tape. a blank canvas shows the pattern and color of the washi tapes more. note : remember not to cover paper on the strike pads. 

once those logos are covered, you can go to town with your washi tape designs! 


and voila, here they are! so easy! 


tray from jonathan adler for jcpenney // gold urchin from zhush // candle

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all photos by SCF

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Linh Vo said...

Very cute and super easy to do :)