DIY acrylic tray

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

i've always meant to try this DIY acrylic tray since the holidays. my version uses a very inexpensive acrylic frame from michaels craft store frames section (thanks to a tip from instagram!). an 8 x 10 picture frame is only $ 3.99. it also comes in other sizes all under $ 10. it is not a deep tray, its really meant for pictures but i don't think it matters. container store also carries these acrylic stacking trays in more varied sizes and slightly deeper versions.

supplies : 

acrylic tray
wrapping paper (i used one i already have from target's $ 1 bin)
scissors or blade

this is one easy tutorial. pick your paper liner and cut the desired size (making it slightly bigger - you will go back and trim excess later). turn over your acrylic tray and make sure the bottoms are clean. apply the mod podge clear (follow instructions on container) to the bottoms of the tray (reverse side). 

once that's coated, slowly apply your paper, smooth it out to avoid bubbles. let it dry. then you can cut the excess paper using scissors or a blade cutter for a more finished look. enjoy!

check out more DIY tray versions from the talented courtney (her's has monograms on it!) and from For Chic Sake's metallic DIY with free printables!

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Colleen said...

Love, love, love this! Fantastic!

Virginia Belle said...

Your tray looks awesome! I can't wait to make my own, thanks for sharing :)

Melissa C said...

So creative! Love this. :)

Leslie said...

Such cuteness! I’ve been meaning to do something like this with the leftover acrylic frames from the July 4th party put together nearly two years ago. Love your version!