snapshots from the weekend

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

i hope you all had a wonderful three day weekend with friends and family. we surely did. in a whim, we decided to take a long drive trip to san antonio-hill country for the weekend and i'm glad we did. it was a great way to unwind and quietly celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

we stayed at this beautiful resort and spa and they are never out of engaging kids activities, poolside fun, spa luxury treatments, family entertainment and great hotel restaurant dining experience. 
Labor day wknd

for the labor day weekend, they even had foodtrucks come park in their sprawling lawn area and had live band entertainment to the delight of everyone. there is just something magical about dining on rustic tables and benches enjoying texas BBQ under the gorgeous sunset and then the sparkling stars!

Labor day wknd 
we totally enjoyed the lazy river and pool slides and spent an early morning there to witness the fun
lazy river rubber duck race. at night, it was nice to hang out at the lobby lounge, had a quick bite and a cocktail and enjoy the live music provided by a really talented musician.  Labor day wknd
the weekend was full of laughter, hugs and kisses and a short window shopping to scout holiday weekend sales. overall, it was what we just needed ~ a quiet laidback celebration of our wedding anniversary and the labor day weekend!


s said...

what a great weekend you had!!! xO!

Mree said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! You have a beautiful family!!

lilivi said...

Fun fun fun

Michaela said...

So many fun pictures! That looks like a great resort!

Stephanie Koch said...

What a lovely time; thanks for sharing! I'm going to reach through the screen and get those truffle fries haha.