breaking the rules

Sunday, September 2, 2012

rules are meant to be broken. so as we approach fall, i am having second thoughts about putting away my white jeans to usher in the fall season this year. while bending the rules a bit, my fashion rebel self gets a little creative and make white denim extend it's longevity by pairing it with neutrals such as camel, grey and black. it'll be the coolest transition look for fall and i think it's perfectly ok. 

after labor day white

after labor day whites

After labor day whites

shop the look here : 

enjoy the last day of summer, friends!

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s said...

i love this post. I will and always will continue to wear white after labor day. yes rules are def meant to be broken, and what kind of rules are there really in the fashion world? More importantly, never go against your own personal style. love this post! xO!