cookie caster

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

it's no secret that i have a sweet tooth and i was not surprised when cookie caster contacted me about their new custom cookie cutter product. cookie caster is a site that let's you design, share and order your own custom cookie cutter creation. their site let's you easily create a 3D model of your custom cookie cutter. you have no idea how excited i am about this product. this is how it works : 
  • get into the drawing board and play around with the design you want to create. or you can also upload an image to trace, if you have something specific in mind
  • don't have time to create? you can search through their gallery for any design you may like and you may even tweak it yourself 
  • once you're done with the designing part, cookie caster makes them using a 3D printer and mails it directly to you, ready to use! 
the cookie cutters are made of BPA-free materials. made with nylon or a biodegradable material from corn, they are very sturdy and strong yet lightweight. they are dishwasher safe and is safe to be heated at up to 176 deg F (but not for baking). with this custom design process, the possibilities are endless!


i can't wait to try them out. the adorable mustache cookie cutter they sent me is a perfect design for father's day or little man-themed birthday party cookies. so go ahead and get started. play around and when you are ready to place an order make sure you get our special discount. 

for you lucky SCF readers, cookie caster is kind enough to give you a $ 5 discount using our specific link 
HERE. thanks so much cookie caster