1st blog birthday guest blogger : megan

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

it's still my first blog birthday month and in continuing with my anniversary celebration, i am excited today to have Megan of Honey We're Home and she's here sharing some incredible tips on home decorating! 

i have followed Megan's popular blog for awhile now and apart from being smitten by her dapper little guy James, i am envious of her crazy organizational skills! LOL. i have a few of her previous projects featured here in the blog before and i'm still constantly amazed by her daily tips and deals for successful DIY home and decor projects. that's why i never fail to read her blog posts everyday! 

I'm Megan from Honey We're Home, a fellow Houstonian and first-time mom to a beautiful 16-month old son.  Lili has been one of the most encouraging blog friends I've known since I've been blogging, so I'm really thrilled to be helping her ring in her blog birthday!

Today I'm sharing with you an easy and inexpensive way to add art to your walls.  

Here is one of our bedroom walls, completely empty and bare!

I love botanical prints and decided to do a grouping of 4 on the wall adjacent to our bed.  I found a book of botanical art (The Botanical Palette) for $22 (after my discount card and coupon) at Barnes & Noble and bought 4 frames (16x20 with 8x10 mat) from Aaron Brothers (again with a coupon- never shop there without one!)  They even scanned the coupon from my phone:)

To save even more money, you can print botanical art at home from your computer like my friend Courtney {A Thoughtful Place} did.  I wasn't as patient with the website she used and I think my printer is out of colored ink!  Also, she found great frames at WalMart.  Gotta love that!

For our botanicals, I kept the color palette in the purple family, but there were so many gorgeous photographs to choose from in the book.

I liked them so much, I added two smaller versions to our master bathroom!

Now we have a nice reflection from my husband's mirror and something pretty for me to look at when I leave my closet!

How pretty!

Adding art to the walls is really making a difference in how our home looks.  I love the fruit botanical art too and was considering adding some to the dining room or mudroom, but thought it might be overkill!

Thanks so much for having me Lily!!

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we moved to this new home almost 3 years ago but i still have a lot of re-organizing and redecorating to do.  religiously following and reading my favorite interior design blogs, like Megan's, gives me a lot of inspiration to finally tackle the million things left to do!

 thank you so much Megan for dropping by today. i'm looking forward to enjoying more of your blog posts and seeing James growing to be a handsome young boy! if you are not following Megan yet whether in blogger or facebook or twitter, you ought to!


Susan said...

The color palette is so soft--a perfect color for relaxing retreat and the botanical prints are timeless.

Samantha said...

That's beautiful!! Thanks for the tip! We've been in our house for 3 years too and I still feel like we just STARTING to decorate. Love how much of a difference the framed prints make!

xo, sam

dajana, all kinds of lovely said...

Lovely! I like botanical artwork, especially when it's affordable. I also really like your bedroom paint colour - could you please share what it is? Thanks!

Leslie said...

I don't talk much about home design-but I just love it. Thanks for adding another site for me to follow!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said...

I love those botanicals. Happy blog birthday Lili!!!