easter scenes

Monday, April 6, 2015


i hope you all had a great easter weekend celebration. our long weekend was certainly eventful. it started friday when we had some AC issues at home. 

going in to summer we know we need to have to take care of this. texas summer months are brutal and this was definitely a priority. unexpectedly, we had to have our units replaced so the guys have to come back on saturday to work all day and get it done. 

on a lighter note, we had family come over for the holidays so despite the little AC setback we still made the most out of the visit. we also celebrated cousin daniel's  birthday (you may recognize mom, ailynne  from previous posts here). the kids had so much fun at the amazing wonderwild party venue. 

on easter sunday, we headed to church bright and early for the 7 am mass. it was a blessing to be able to worship and rejoice on this easter sunday. sunday brunch followed at one of our favorite restaurants, caracol. as usual, it never disappoints. afterwards, we went and visited more relatives and ended the weekend with a quiet dinner at home with family. 

monday will surely be a difficult day to face head on after the long weekend break. anyways, we have no choice but to get going with a huge mug of coffee on hand and just dive in to monday :-)

hope you have a good one and enjoy the week ahead! 



I love your Easter photos...how fun...miss you guys!!

Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

Ugh AC issues are always a pain! Sounds like y'all had a great Easter in spite of it though :)