winter skin savers

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

the winter months bring out the worst in our skin. cold weather dryness leaves skin dehydrated, sensitive and parched. here are a few products that i use daily to combat just that :

1 // dior creme de rose lip balm ~ this heavy duty balm with a light rose scent is luxurious and does the job in hydrating your lips all day, all night. a bit pricey but all worth it!

2 // caudalie divine oil ~ talked about this oil before and it is a staple in my routine even during summer!

3 // josie maran whipped argan oil body butter ~ whipped argan oil sounds divine? well, it is. that vanilla apricot scent is a delightful sweet smell that's not too overwhelming.

4 // aquaphor ~ another staple in our home, aquaphor heals cuts, redness, severe dryness for any part of the body. used this on aston  for years as a baby and we still use it till now!

5 // michael todd jojoba charcoal facial scrub ~ i recently discovered this scrub and i use it to wash my face. it thoroughly cleanses but never leaves skin dry. instantly you feel your skin smoother yet tighter for a fresh clean feel. easily a new favorite!

6 // eucerin original healing lotion ~ another oldie but goodie that does the job all year round. you can read the full product review here.

7 // essie apricot cuticle oil ~ another key product for leaving nails and nailbeds looking and feeling healthy. and the heavenly apricot scent is divine!

 what are your favorite winter skin products?


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I want to try number three....totally intrigued by your description of it. SOunds like a spa in a jar!

Leslie said...

We’re big fans of Cetaphil crème in our house. It’s been great for the kids’ eczema.