heal and repair

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

heal and repair. moisturize and protect. 
those are just a few of the things these EUCERIN products i'm about to review can do. 

i have known of Eucerin products for years and although i've favored and used their aquaphor line for when aston  was a baby (best thing ever!), i've never really paid attention to each of their specific different line. i've tried their most basic lotion especially during the winter months and i always grab a small tube for when we travel.  

so i am excited to go over the above shown products sent to me to try and my reviews of each one are 100% my own honest opinion.

  • ORIGINAL HEALING soothing repair lotion ~ this lotion formula is for very dry, sensitive skin. it has rich emollients to moisturize and heal extremely dry skin. i find the product a bit more liquid in texture or more fluid than the other eucerin lotions i've tried. it definitely seals in moisture and leaves skin soft. my skin is left with a slight tinge of sheen from the fluidity of the product but does not feel greasy. the lotion is lightweight and fragrance-free. i apply it after taking a shower or washing hands and this definitely locked in the moisture leaving my skin hydrated and soft.    
  • INTENSIVE REPAIR extra-enriched hand creme ~ i think this may be my favorite product of the bunch sent to me. i have to confess, i have been doing my own manicures at home so i have not indulged myself with those paraffin wax treatments from the nail salon. i have noticeably very dry hands this summer and i was searching for the best hand cream to bring back hydration and moisture to my hands. i have bought some high end hand creams that didn't deliver and this eucerin hand creme beats all those expensive hand lotions by far. the product is enriched with buffered alpha hydroxy that smoothes and repairs dry, rough hands with no greasy feel - as the tube states. after 2 weeks, my hands feel softer and smoother. i love using them on elbows and knees as well. and it does the job. 
  • DAILY PROTECTION moisturizing face lotion ~ as a moisturizing face lotion it's important that the product has broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen and this is perfect to wear everyday under your makeup for extra UVA/UVB protection. the product has undeniably a very faint "sunscreen" scent that fades quickly. it did not bother me and i didn't mind it at all. it is non-greasy, lightweight and more importantly, won't clog pores. i have suffered from on and off  hormonal adult acne for years and it being non-comedogenic is really important for me. the 4 fl.oz 118 ml bottle will last me awhile even if i use it everyday. i find that one pump of the product is enough for my entire face and another pump for my neck. you can certainly apply more as needed. it blends easily and absorbs quickly on the skin. i honestly think, this product should really be in everyone's daily face routine. 
  • SMOOTHING REPAIR dry skin lotion ~ this particular lotion has Gluco-Glycerol, ceramide-3 enhanced formula that improves skin condition. for some reason, i find this formula thicker despite it being lightweight. it leaves a slight feel of extra product left unabsorbed on my skin and feel like it just sits there. if you know what i mean. it does moisturize the skin and leaves it smooth but it feels like there's an extra thin layer of product left on top of my skin. it feels slightly uncomfortable that i'd love to grab a tissue or towel to wipe the extra lotion off. may not be the best lotion for summer. with the heat, it may get a little sticky once you go outside. but i don't doubt it does the job of smoothing and repairing. i will note to give it a try again during the winter months where my skin will be extra dry and there's zero humidity.
  • DAILY PROTECTION moisturizing body lotion ~ i have used this lotion everyday nonstop since i've received it and i love it! i love the fact that it has SPF 15 to protect your skin from harsh sun exposure. i am a fan of it's balm-like product texture that is fast absorbing and non-greasy. it is lightweight but yet again, i detect a very faint "sunscreen" scent that's barely noticeable despite it's fragrance-free claim. i am not sensitive to this kind of smell so it does not bother me. overall, this is an excellent daily lotion to keep your skin hydrated, protected and moisturized. 

EUCERIN is dermatologist recommended and is available in your local grocery stores and drugstores nationwide. 

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