Monday, October 28, 2013

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happy monday! 

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend. our's was really nice - we kicked off the weekend by going to a charity event friday night, a birthday party on saturday and a laid back rainy sunday that started off with brunch, window shopping and ended with costco grocery shopping. my kind of weekend with the family.  

can you all believe october is almost over? i am excited for the holidays but seriously in denial of how much the time is flying by fast. i plan to be very strategic with my holiday shopping this year. no more procrastinating, no last minute rush shopping. i plan to achieve that by creating lists along with timelines which i will try to follow. 

there are certainly huge sales going on right now and this is the best time to get started on that holiday gift list. we've got some travel plans in the radar, so i also need to consider that and hopefully it wont get in the way. 

so how was your october? halloween will be in a few days and i think we'll just go around our cul de sac since its a school night. aston finally decided to be spiderman (again!) this year and he's excited to shoot some webs! 



designchic said...

I haven't gotten on the instagram bandwagon, but so need to - love your images. When someone told me it was less than 2 month until Christmas, I panicked!! Happy Monday ~

Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I love that your baby and your husband dress alike sometimes! I do that with Little much fun. Sounds like a typical weekend around here...except my husband is the one that goes to Sam's...he loves going there...and me...not so much.