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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

here are a few things that are rocking my world lately....... 
the burberry lipcover satin lipstics are so comfortable on the lips and has the best nude shade selections. i picked nude rose and sepia pink  which are perfect everyday lipcolors.

i've talked about this acrylic box before and i found a few more ways to carry it oh so fabulously. shown above is an old makeup bag in a leopard print which fit perfectly inside the clutch to hold my belongings.

i am so in love with this earrings from pbc closet and how pretty is that $5 tray found at michaels? tortoiseshell and a little print pow for some great impact!

i gave in and got me a pair of valentino rockstud heels. they are seriously comfortable and if you're eyeing them, they just came out in this amazing blue color combo!

this caudalie oil is truly a multipurpose nourishing skin and body oil with a fresh floral scent. i love applying this oil after taking a bath instead of lotion and it does leave skin soft and silky without being too oily or greasy.

all photos by SCF


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

love your tray from Michael's!! And I'm so jelly f your Valentino's!! SO beautiful! feminine and edgy all rolled into one. They are classics, of course you had to get them.

Leslie said...

LOVE those shoes! Although, I'm pretty sure my husband would flip if I spent that much on footwear!

lilivi said...

Pretty cool..