all clear

Sunday, August 18, 2013

it was an especially exciting saturday when we were treated with tickets to watch the houston texans preseason game against the miami dolphins. it was in one of the luxury suites with the most fun experience watching the game. 

but before all that, we all read and heard the new policies and regulations for NFL fans going to the game and what bags are allowed and not allowed in the stadium. essentially, everyone that's going to the game are required to only bring clear see-through bags or clutches in a certain size. you can read all about that here. this ruling came about to ensure public safety and i'm all for that. 

so, i've seen on tv the plastic houston texan totes being sold. they're not ugly but they're not exactly pretty either. so i decided to just bring my own clear clutch aka as an acrylic box i got last minute from the container store for only $5.99 (i can't find it online but it's available in stores and you can find a similar one here). i didn't have time to do a DIY project to make it a bit more pretty such as this or this so i settled with it and it was so easy and convenient to carry. no worries and problems getting through security!

we had the most amazing time. i think i pigged out more than i kept track of the score. and during half time, the dessert cart came by and served ice cream in adorable helmet cups (great game souvenir!), brownies, mini crave cupcakes and more sweets to feed two football teams! 

{iphone case and bracelet from pbc closet


Alexis said...

Only you can make a clear bag chic! Love it

Leslie said...

I haven’t heard about that rule yet, though I know other events have those types of rules. I love your solution…affordable and simple! Hope you had fun!