july favorites

Thursday, August 1, 2013

july faves

it is august and here i am just posting last month's favorites. ooops, oh well. i found myself reaching for most of these everyday in the past few weeks. i am sure i will continue to enjoy them in months to come. thought i'd share them here and maybe you can check them out too! 

2 // nyx jumbo lip pencil (glides smoothly and color feels comfortable on lips) 
3 // marvelous moxie lipstick in take charge (the perfect nude) 
5 // flipflops (love the metal accent!)
6 // cover girl + olay simply ageless concealer (does a great job of concealing and correcting dark under eyes and skin discoloration)
7 // real techniques expert brush (makes skin flawless looking)

what are your favorites lately? do share! 

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Kasey Sutgrey said...

I have the real technique brush and I love it to! I have been wanting try the olay corrector!