golf party sneaks

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

we celebrated aston's  6th birthday last weekend with our closest friends and family. it was so much fun getting everyone together and seeing aston enjoy his special day. 

while waiting for the official party photos from my talented niece photographer, ailynne (first photo down below is by her) - i thought i'd share a few pictures taken by one of my best friends, rae

photo by ailynne

one of the best parts post party is of course opening gifts with his buddy stephen, rae's nephew!

these girlfriends i've known almost all my life. rae (left) i've known since preK and fatima (right) in college! so glad they came - endless chats over leftover cake and pinkberry yogurt was so much worth it!

more gifts - oh my - opening them with stephen and george, fatima's son! 

still can't get over the fact that our little boy is now 6! where is our baby boy? 


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

I can't get over these are unofficial!! I can't wait to see the official ones! Your boy is too cute! and everything amazing...the putting green! You are so creative! love it! And the best part are the girlfriends visiting!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness!! Aston is so adorable and I just love his little outfit! The party looks like it was too much fun! Can't wait to see details!

lilivi said...

So much fun...