Thursday, May 9, 2013

last valentine's, i gifted my husband a bunch of tumbled amethyst rocks to add to his collection. he loves decorating his office desk with these purple crystal rocks known to have calming and healing properties.

apart from their health and well-being improvement abilities, they add color and texture to the desk and look beautiful clustered on either the coffeetable or bookshelf. a shopping tip : pick a slab that has a rich and bright purple/violet hue to it. avoid dull or grey-looking ones. the bigger ones are obviously more expensive but personally, i love bunching smaller ones together in a silver tray or even as a decorative paperweight on a desk. i have a few amethyst jewelry pieces but i love the raw organic cut on these ones. 

do you like amethyst crystals? how do you style them?

silver tray from biscuit (also available in this shape) // amethyst crystals from kuhl-linscomb

~ photo by SCF

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