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Friday, March 15, 2013

we are heading out for a quick road trip getaway with the family to end the spring break. god knows, we needed this holiday after a short few days packed with all kinds of busy-ness at work. and as i do every friday, i'd like to end the week sharing my favorites of all kinds. i have an abundant list to boast about so here goes.....

  • the nate berkus line available at target keeps getting better and better. i picked up this sea urchin to spruce up our coffeetable. i wished i have gotten the gold one but this has recently been growing on me so it's staying where it belongs
  • talking about target still, i stumbled upon this pink chevron mini-ipad (cant find it online) case at the clearance aisle in the back and at under $10, i had to have it! and the eos lip balm is a bonus too! 
  • my friend nina of pbc closet introduced me to green tea kit kats (her sister got them in japan) and i can't stay away from them. need to stock up - calling on anyone heading to japan please bring some back? 
  • our friends at YOSI SAMRA recently launched a few new designs. i am a big fan of their foldable comfy flats (i have about over 5 pairs) which i wear all the time. they were so kind enough to send over their new ariel style for me to try. they are just as comfy! and with the glitter tips? LOVE THEM! thank you YS!
  • last week we were in las vegas and we tried todd english's new pub at city center's crystals. the food was excellent, i had the lobster rolls and it's TDF. the butter rolls alone are delectable and i can't wait to go back!
  • i am loving my new rose-gold coral ring with pearls from my blog sponsor, CHIC PEEK. it's a lovely dainty piece i can wear everyday this spring and summer. if you have not checked out their jewelry subscription program, you ought to now!
  • from our recent trip to las vegas, i found a cute little shop far from the strip that carries this really cool wrap bracelet with initial brass and leather straps. it's a perfect blend of cool preppy that i am just crazy about!
  • you will find me around the house pausing and pampering my cuticles with this essie apricot cuticle oil. they smell amazing and does wonders for your cuticles. i have tons of chores around the house that quickly damages my nails and cuticles and this saves the day! 
  • i mentioned this book, lunch in paris last friday and now i am flipping through it and picking out a recipe to try soon. the love story is a little slow for me but ALL the recipes in the book sounds easy and i can't wait to try them! i recommend it even for just the recipes alone....
  • lastly, don't forget our ongoing GIVEAWAY and special march discount from our blog sponsor PAPERLY. avail this offer and enjoy beautiful customized personalized gifts perfect for graduation, birthdays, easter baskets and more! 

you guys! 


Albertina M. Cisneros said...

green tea kitkat!! Oh my!! SOunds right up my alley! Love your shoes! Enjoy the rest of your Spring break. Ours is in a week and a half!!

Mree said...

Love your new bracelet!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


Alexis said...

Have a great trip...LOVE your images and that San Pelligrino Limonata is my favorite.

Colleen said...

Great picks! I've had that book for some time, but now I am inspired to start it!

Love those shoes...I see that they make a little girl line! Can't wait til' Sloan can fit in them:) Also dying over the monogrammed bracelet!

Have a great weekend! We will be in your neck of the woods Sunday for the rodeo and George Strait!:)

Julie Leah said...

Enjoy your weekend getaway, Lili!! xoxo

lilivi said...