boys easter style

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


as a boymom, i delight in planning our little man's easter outfits since he was a baby. now that he's older, i still try my best to share my input but also allowing him to have his own personal spin to it. whether switching out loafers to crocs or doing away with a bowtie, come easter sunday we always have to compromise.

for this year's easter, he has a light blue striped jacket he wore for a wedding last october that luckily still fits him. paired with khakis (or his trendy green pants!) and his old suede loafers, i'm adding a nautical orange tie to the outfit that i hope he likes. so we shall see. the more colorful, the more fun!

get the look :


lilivi said...

Cannot wait to see his pictures...

pretty pink tulips said...

I have one little boy all set...but my youngest is wearing hand me downs. Better see if they fit!!!

Love Ashton's outfit!
xoxo Elizabeth

Leslie said...

I know dressed up girls are cute…but there’s something even more adorable about little dressed up boys. I about died when I saw my nephew in a blue seersucker suit…a classic choice for a southern gentleman. These look like a great modern alternative!

Colleen said...

Cute! Love the green pants! Just ordered them:)

Happy Easter!