what to pack

Thursday, February 28, 2013

we have two trips planned for the upcoming spring break and i thought i'd do a little what-to-pack blog entry. i feel like no matter how i plan ahead of time, i always end up forgetting something. travelling with a child is always challenging but now that aston is older, travelling with him has been such a breeze with fewer meltdowns and surprisingly has been stress-free. i just need to pack efficiently and hopefully not miss anything.

here's what i pack in my own hand carry tote :
magazines, my mini iPad, sunnies, folding flats (if i'm wearing boots) or socks, a scarf or shawl big enough to use as a blanket in the plane and my can't-leave-home-without-it beauty product, benetint. a multipurpose lip and cheek stain product that saves space and makeup application time ideal for travelling!

What to Pack

aston enjoys travelling and he's pretty responsible with his luggage now. he helps in packing and picks out his outfits and snacks. he loves pulling his own hand carry luggage so that helps us out a lot. on top of packing his favorite coloring books and small toys, i make sure we stock up on his snacks, extra underwear and socks. i also make sure we pack a light jacket for him in case weather changes.

what to pack

i hope this post helps you a little in your own travel packing strategy.
enjoy your spring break!


Promised Pearls said...

I love packing posts, I did one this past Tuesday! Aston's luggage is too cute. I always put a simple spare outfit in my bag just in case anything happens to my luggage.

Have a lovely day!

-Elizabeth Megan (http://promisedpearls.blogspot.com)

Julie Leah said...

That little monster suitcase is the cutest thing ever!