pretty organization

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

starting fresh and new is always the best way to kick off the new year. with so much holiday stuff to stow away, strategic organization is key to a succesful clean up. 

i have invested in huge plastic containers to store my holiday decor and they are sturdy and tough to hold all those stuff. i normally start putting away after new year's day (i hang on to all those warm holiday decor as long as i can!) and slowly tuck them away. 


the rest of our house just needed to be tidied and dusted away to start a new year. i also try to rearrange furniture or corner nooks and vignettes to give it a fresh look. i survey my acquired new christmas gifts and see which ones i can use to spruce up our home decor and some i add to my work office desk (which again needed an overhaul for the new year too). 


our refrigerator also needs to be cleaned up and i start throwing away leftovers from holiday meals that can't be recycled on a new recipe (but some of the sweets make it to my mouth!). i have to confess, some of them i bring to work and i start snacking on them at my desk!

since my blooming poinsettias are still beautiful, i try moving them outdoors and bring in fresh white flowers inside. i also start changing up my pillow covers in bright spring-y colors. believe it or not, rearranging coffeetable books and adding new accent items give your table a whole new look! 

i also amass a great amount of new makeup and scents as holiday gifts, so i try to toss old lipsticks and makeup and bring in the brand new palettes. i also do the same with my makeup kit inside my purse. since perfume bottles are too pretty to throw away, i try to arrange them beautifully on my dresser but sometimes if it gets out of hand, some of those half-filled perfume bottles i move to our guest bathroom and powder room and set them up along with extra little details such as flowers and candles.

but if all else fails and there's just too much stuff around that you think you don't need, donate them to the nearby goodwill or start selling old clothes via ebay and such. i know it's not spring cleaning time yet but it's a great feeling to get a headstart especially in the new year!


s said...

love the jars and the diptique candle as a flower holder- great ideas! happy new year!! xO!

pretty pink tulips said...

Happy New Year, LIli!! I love your idea of cleaning out and starting anew. I always love how spartan the house feels after all the holiday decor comes down. Somehow it feels like a palette cleanse for the home.

Here's to a healthy and happy year ahead!
xoxo Elizabeth

Leslie said...

You have such pretty glassware! I can’t wait to get started decluttering. Who says you have to wait for Spring to clean house?!