white wonderland

Monday, December 3, 2012

amidst all the colorful hues, sparkle and glitter that the holiday season brings - a fresh new burst of white is such a refreshing break from all the splash of psychedelic color everywhere. whether its using winter whites as a backdrop with a hint of silver or fresh greenery, the look is so crisp and pure that it's so invigorating and beautiful. 

i pulled a few inspirations from pinterest and i think i'm bookmarking this and recreate the look next year! 

Source: bhg.com via Lili on Pinterest

happy monday to everyone!


Frog Prince Paperie said...

White is my favorite way to decorate! Beautiful-

s said...

love the entire look- white is my fave for interior also =) xO!

Leslie said...

Oh, so pretty! I love a white backdrop for winter! We’re stuck in the psychedelic Christmas color palette for now because of the kids, but I’ll bet that white will be my go-to palette in a few years!