rae's holiday wishlist

Friday, December 7, 2012

one of my chilhood bestfriend is back in the blog today to share her holiday wishlist. rae was here last time sharing her fall favorites and i'm glad she can stop by and be a part of this holiday wishlist series! 

here's rae

Luke 2:14 captures number 1 on my wish list. Seeing God glorified for giving us reason to celebrate Christmas is first and foremost.   

Now Lili wants to know what are other things I wouldn't mind having? Here's a list:

New ski goggles. A fearless nephew used mine last year while having fun on the slopes. He was unscathed. Can't say the same for the goggles.
Python Lucchese. Yes, I'll take a pair.  
New Running Shoes. Adds motivation to run and create a calorie deficit to offset the holiday calorie overages. 
A new flash for my camera would be nice.
I wouldn't complain about a nice Oriental Rug for the dining room.

thanks so much raez! and THANK YOU for reminding us what the real reason of the season is!
 and oh how i wish we can go with you on your annual ski trip with the family! so much fun! 

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