rae's five fall favorites

Thursday, September 20, 2012

continuing our top five fall favorites series, one of my best friends rae is here to share what she loves about the fall season and living in texas. i am so happy she's doing her introductory post here (im still trying to convince her to start her own blog). or at least, i'm hoping she'll be a regular contributor here. 

a little background about our deep rooted friendship - we've known each other since kindergarten and through high school in the philippines. we both grew up, went to school and church together and only to migrate in the US and ending up in the same city later on in life. it is pretty special that she's here today and trying her hand in blogging despite her busy schedule! 

{photo sources : wedding photo / boots / football / boots / morning run }

I always welcome the cooler temperatures and the warmer colors that come with Fall with much excitement. I'm not enthusiastic about the seemingly shorter days that accompany the end of daylight savings time but otherwise for me, there isn't much else to complain about the Fall season. Like most women, Fall outfits are the favorites in my wardrobe. My preferred comfort foods also seem to taste better during the cool "ber" months. 

There are so many things to rave about Fall but here are 5 reasons why every year, I fall in love with Fall:

Fall running is fabulous. The cool weather with the crisp air and beautiful atmosphere is great for running. Breaking out a new pair of running shoes to herald Fall running season is something that I Iook forward to towards the end of Summer every year.

Celebrations with family and friends are a huge and heartwarming element of the Fall season for me. There are the big holiday get-togethers in praise and thanksgiving for God's wonderful blessings. And of course there is always the small yet lovely celebration of our November wedding anniversary (her 2009 wedding featured here).

I enjoy Fall trips. They are more relaxed than Summer vacation travel. My husband and I usually take short trips during the fall season like the one we took last year to the Pacific Northwest to visit his sister in a lovely little town nestled at the spot where the great Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. 

I love boots. I would wear them all year long if it was not so hot in Houston. I'm always grateful when Fall comes around and I can break out the boots! 

I love College Football; specifically Longhorns Football. I spotted the college football fans in my neighborhood hoisting alma mater banners outside their homes to declare devotion and fealty to their college teams during my morning run this past Saturday. Even if I don't like the teams that hold their allegiance, our shared fondness for College Football in a way binds us. Hook 'em!


thanks raez for being here. means a lot. 
i am so looking forward to your possible new blog endeavors! 


Rae said...

Thank you so much for having me! I appreciate you accommodating my self invitation.

Emily said...

Lifetime friends are such a blessing! I am with you Rae, I love all things Fall especially boots and college football!

lilivi said...

Great job Rae..welcome to the blogworld..

Daday HV said...

Looking forward to raez updates