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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

End of summer Picnic

i am not ready to let go of summer. as most kids go back to school across the nation, our kiddos don't go back till the end of the month and some even after labor day weekend. i am still dreaming of late night beachwalks or picnics at the park. i am still holding on to summer as much as i can (but not the brutal hot weather - oiy!).

on a personal note, i have mixed feelings of our little guy being one more year older (he'll be in kindergarten!) in school. i am still relishing our time together this summer (heading to disney next week). i think it's a good idea to do a special picnic (weather permitting) one last time before school starts full force. what a special treat for the family!

here's what you can wear and pack for that fun picnic day :

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pretty pink tulips said...

My boys adore a picnic!

Kindergarten is such a special year! I know it's hard to let him go, but you will both enjoy this first real school year.

Enjoy every last day of summer!!!
xoxo Elizabeth