Friday, August 17, 2012

wow. hours and minutes go fast but the days seem to last longer although the week is almost over. we are looking forward to another weekend and hopefully, getting most things done on my to-do list including a back-to-school tax free weekend shopping that kicks off today! 

before i head on out the door, let me just dump a few iphone photos here from the past week including some shots from the past weekend! 
are you fantasizing fall? i do. i busted out my fall nailpolish colors to get some inspiration! 
oh and pink was the color past weekend! 
our little guy enjoying a ride later in the evening. it's still too hot outside and it's totally brutal. 
we also enjoyed a fantastic sunday brunch at our favorite mexican restaurant, escalante's and we shared a huge plate of french toast cooked the mexican way. i can't say no to caramelized apples! 
after brunch we walked across the street and visited the beautiful showroom of restoration hardware. 
let's just say, i want everything. nuff said. 
Aug 13 week
i finally joined the bubble necklace cult and they are really cute. they do elevate the look of a simple tshirt. so far i have that green one, a blue bubble pendant and also got a cobalt blue bubble bib necklace and a yellow one that dear friend, nina picked up for me. 
and oh, red velvet sandwich cookies are fixing my sweet cravings lately!  
i am also obsessed with BB creams lately. luckily i found the last one at CVS the other day. it does wonders to my skin so far and you can tell even when you wipe them off after a long day! 
Week aug 13
i'm still heavy on metallic nails and this new purple one from essie is divine. it does come out looking like silver but with hints of violet in it. 
just sharing a new hair routine here : moroccan argan oil spray on damp hair adds a bit of shine and relaxes frizz hair. i have naturally wavy hair, so i don't think i need a body wave perm since i wake up with slightly curly hair anyway. so with a spray of oscar blandi dry shampoo and the moroccan argan oil, i'm set! 
lastly, i'm in love with my golden birkin art print by randa of iseenoise prints. it's going to go in my dresser or closet. still undecided. 

OK, i think that's it for the all have a fabulous weekend! 


Hamptontoes said...

The little Porsche is a riot! My son would love that car!

Iris {Sweet Metel Moments} said...

Awww.. your little guy is so big now! What a handsome boy! I love those bubble necklaces! Need to get one ASAP. :-)

Melanie said...

you are my fave on instagram :) I have found so many great things (via your pics) I am reviewing the Garnier BB cream on my blog this week...LOVE it!

Colleen said...

Love it all...I am especially loving metallic nail polish myself! I bought a gold color from Essie and have yet to try it, but I can't wait!