frametastic friday

Friday, July 13, 2012

it's friday the 13th!
13 has been a lucky number to me and i'm starting my friday sharing the fun past week of my so-called life! 

have you discovered the frametastic app yet? it allows you to make photo collages straight from your phone. this time i'm gathering a few instagram (@swankychicfete) photos capturing my week.


last week, i finally came out of my hair rut and decided to get my roots done and added some highlights at albert luiz salon and spa and i think i've finally found my girl, yvette. she was fantastic! couldn't be more happier. 

we also took aston for his 5 year old check-up and didn't share this before but we had a little rash incident about a month ago after he ate a mixed nut pack bought at the airport. he's been eating PBJ since like forever with no reactions, so we thought he might be allergic to a particular nut. and sure enough, we got him tested and he's allergic to half of the variety of nuts out there. pecans were spared, thank god. yep, that's him showing off the book his pediatrician gave him on his visit.

my may books planner/agenda came in this week and i am excited to jot down my important notes/reminders/schedule on my fabulous notebook  designed and created by me. it came in it's cute packaging and a generous discount code for my next order! LOVE it! 

it's been raining all week and lazy days and nights are here. one evening, i bust out the yummy kim chi ramen noodles i've been saving for those kinds of nights and voila - instant dinner. i paired it with my latest fave san pellegrino arianciata rossa and i am in perfect dinner heaven!


i have been bombarded by emails, comments and texts on where i got the colorful patterned paper straws i posted in facebook and instagram last week - and yes, it's from target! i looked them up online but looks like it's only available in stores. you can find them by the party supplies next to stationery. last time i checked, they were out of them. it's by spritz and priced at $ 1.99/20 pcs. do check your local store from time to time, i'm sure they'll stock up on them again!

i'm not a gym junkie but i sure love going to my barre classes at define. i try to go at least 2-3 times a week and if i just improve on my diet, i'd be losing weight and toning more than where i am now. ha! define recently opened their west u studio and it's amazing! if you're in the houston area, do check them out - hank and the ladies there are awesome!

i've been afraid of polka dots (particularly the big dots) ever since this fashion trend started. i thought they're unflattering on me but i found an adorable inexpensive sheer dotted blouse at marshalls and thought i'd give it a try. can't wait to wear it with my bright jeans or shorts!

lastly, our GIVEAWAY is still open today till tomorrow midnight - stop by and join to win one bracelet of your choice! good luck and have a fantastic weekend, friends!


Lil Mama Stuart said...

Fab sunglasses. I'm overdue for a new pair. Saw you in AA's book signing recaps ;)

Emily said...

Love the polka dot top and your hair looks great! I have been looking for a place to take Barre classes, might have to give Define studio a try. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Fun getting a glimpse of your week.

Betchay101 said...

I miss blogging.:( by the way we have the same issue with allergies, my son is allergic to peanuts but not with nuts, and according to his pedia, peanuts is considered a beans, not a type of nuts.{lesson learned}

shellybeeens1 said...

I am loving your instagram pics. I love barre classes too. Great total workout. How long did it take for you to notice a difference? I'm good keeping up with the workout, but I need to control my eating, too. I heard it said, abs are made in the kitchen. LOL. Anyway, what lulu pink top you have on? I like the fit of it, it doesn't look fitted in the tummy area(my problem area) Thanks.

emily said...

I love Define (and Hank too)! The new location is closer to our new house and will definitely be checking it out.