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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

first of all, i would like to thank each one of you, old and new blog readers for stopping by everyday. this blog has evolved some and i am glad that you are all still here with me on this journey. having said that, i'm not sure if you are all aware but blogger and google friend connect will have a few changes coming up and i want to make sure that my readers still get to connect with me either in this blog, facebook, twitter, instagram or pinterest in the event the google friend connect no longer exists!

here are a few ways to get the latest and recent posts from the blog :


1) please take a moment to sign up your email address for new blogpost updates. it is located on the blog's right side navigation bar ------ >>>>

2) also if you haven't yet, the above icons link you directly to all the social media medium SCF is in and we can be friends there as well! 

thanks to all and i am always grateful for your endless support, loving comments and presence in this blog! so much fun to have you all here! i hope everyone's having a fantastic tuesday! 

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