stylish active wear

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i've recently signed up and surprisingly enjoyed a pure barre class. i've been going with my girlfriends and it makes muscle shaking and calorie burning moves quite fun despite the post-class soreness. 

i've been excited scouting for cute stylish activewear and i have happily found them at lululemon

stylish active wear

check out these new ones just uploaded on their website earlier this morning. btw, they run out of stock like almost immediately if they are popular styles in the bright colors! 

i just love the back of this pink tanktop and below is my new favorite wrap, they call it the transformation wrap which is reversible and has a cinchable drawstring in the back for a more versatile look. it comes in 3 colors - black/coal (i got this), navy/white, grey/white! it is so comfortable (it has thumbholes to warm your hands in cooler weather months) and great to slip in to after a workout!

{all pics from lululemon}


Megan said...

ohhh I love some cute workout gear!

shellybeeens said...

I'm addicted to lululemon, too since my SIL introduced me to it 2 years ago. I wish they'd make their pants and crops in petite size. Some of the details on their pants or crops that I like are on the bottom of the pants and get lost when hemming. Ok, enough venting. Lol. I want that wrap.

Leslie said...

Oooh, I love those shirred pants and the cardigan!

jackie fo said...

I don't understand what pure barre is... BUT, I freaking love lululemon and wish I could afford to wear it for every workout!

pretty pink tulips said...

I have to smile, as I sit her in my Lululemon groove pants! Best workout gear out there!!

Barre classes are so great. I need to hit the gym today but will do my class tomorrow - and think of you.

Just remember...if you're shaking, it's working! :)
xo Elizabeth