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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the perfect exclamation point to a well-executed fun brilliant party would be the party favors to-go that everyone looks forward to grabbing before leaving. i myself can't wait to get home to open them, i usually tear it open in the car. it's safe to say that it's all about the goodie bag!

this post will be about some few party favor ideas either i've handed out or received in the past few parties or so. each one is special and one-of-a-kind and i am always amazed on some of the great ideas moms/hostesses come up with for party favors we all anticipate carrying home.

birthday brunch favors

when my hubby turned significantly (lol) older a few years back, i hosted a dinner for him, family and relatives at a superb steakhouse and handed out these ceramic mug filled with tea bags. he was born the year of the rooster and i found these perfect blue (his fave color) mugs painted with roosters at cost plus world market. i wrapped them with cellophane and tied with ribbon attached with monogrammed tags. for the kids, i found these bikes/cars/trains chocolate discs and matchbox cars also at cost plus world market

H goodie bags

when a girlfriend turned 40 a few years ago, this hermes shopping bag was on every placesetting. as an avid hermes collector, it was natural for her to be giving out some of her favorite things. each bag was filled with travel size hermes scent and bath gel, godiva chocolates and a small individual champagne bottle

Pink ombré kellys

for a baby shower i and our friends hosted last june, these miniature pink kelly bags filled with bite-sized sugar cookies were displayed and incorporated into our candy bar. it was a hit!

Pickles to-go

we had a small gathering on 4th of july for lunch at home with some close friends and handed out these homemade pickles packed in mason jars on their way out the door

party favors

it seems like my own baby shower was hundreds of years ago but i wont forget the most adorable goodie bag with baby blue gifts in it. my dear friend K who hosted the shower gathered up baby blue items to give away - blue striped note cards, baby blue bottle pop candy, bliss body products and a candle in blue dotted tin can

Individual floral arrangements as place settings

recently, i along with friends N and K hosted a birthday party for a friend and i created individual flower arrangements on miniature teapots and vases for each guest's place setting. they get to take them home after the party.

every goodie bag filled with anything unexpected and heartwarming will be a sure hit. be it something homemade or store bought, as long as it's well thought out - every guest will feel special and loved.

these will have to be for now. i have more party favor ideas to share later for kids parties and that will have to be on a part two post.

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Gabby said...

I open goodie bags in the car on the way home, too!