housewarming gift ideas

Friday, July 27, 2012

moving to a new home is pretty exciting and exhausting at the same time for new homeowners. trying to ease that transition - a perfect housewarming gift would just be that one thing to bring smiles to their faces!  

here are a few ideas you can put together in no time. and not to mention, relatively inexpensive. practical items in a bucket or basket would be well appreciated. trust me, with stuff still in boxes - you can never find the one thing you need and this bucket full of home essentials like nails, hammer, electrical cord extensions and more are just heaven sent! 

also, you can never go wrong with breakfast in a basket gift. it is perfect for that first morning at the new home. fill it with muffins, bread and jam along with kitchen must-haves such as hand towels or soaps and your friends will be delighted! 





and what about this awesome lime tree gift (and coronas)? i know i would love to receive this! 

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s said...

such crafty ideas, love the tags- thanks for the inspo! xO!

Marie said...

Great ideas! Have a great weekend!!!

aar said...

ahh! thanks for the great ideas!!!! will be using them!!!

Unknown said...

If they are not expensive than i would like to use your collection for Send gifts to Pakistan to my family.