ace-ing a tennis-themed party

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

fresh from another sports-themed party two weeks ago for my son's 4th birthday, here's another precious  feature this time, it's a tennis-themed 7th birthday party! 

louisa of loulou events (sydney-based) is responsible for this simply stunning party showcasing a dessert table setup as a tennis court using green m&ms and tennis ball cookies. it came out amazing! 

the party table was creatively covered with felt making it look like a tennis court with personalized water bottle labels, deuce {juice} labels and adorable stamped napkins. 

i adore the the cake and party favor packaging ~ this is how simple party details can create some of the most unforgettable impacts!

visit louisa's blog for more details!

{all photos by louisa}


Alexis said...


Leslie said...

Wow! What a gorgeous party. That dessert table is just stunning! I think sports parties must be super trendy right now. We just got an invitation for our second this month!

JC's Loft said...

How cute!


Lorie said...

The M&M Tennis court is fabulous!!

Hyphen Interiors said...

Wow!!! What people come up with for parties amazes me. Love the court.

Margot Madison Creative said...

Just discovered your delightful blog researching this great party concept. Love the bright green colors and that printed napkin!

Unknown said...

LOVE the m&ms tennis court!! Any idea how many m&ms were used?