cake balls are the new cupcakes [cake ball cakes]

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

one cannot have a dessert table without cake balls. they are the new cupcakes. i first tried them several years ago when neiman's seems to be the only place that carries them. they are heaven in every bite. now they are a staple in every party dessert display and if you're a whiz in the kitchen (unlike me), you can bake them in a whim. they come in every flavor imaginable and frosting can be customized.

now comes an even new twist, yes you guessed it - cakes made out of cake balls!?! they are fun, whimsical and just as delicious as any cake!

{wedding cake ball by jillmakescakes}

{all cake ball wedding cake photos from austin cake ball}

{image source}

on top of my must-try list - angie's cake balls!


jenn from midlife modern said...

Wow! Those are festive and fun. But man, they look like they'd be A LOT of work!!

JC's Loft said...

Very cool! You need to make one and then let us know how hard/easy it is ; )

Lili said...

thanks Jenn! thanks for stopping by!

Paula, *GULP* - i heard people having a hard time dealing with cakeballs, so im leaving that to the experts! LOL

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

These look great! Wonder if they're hard to make..

The New Black is Black said...

ohh I love this! thanks for posting