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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

i promise i didn't abandon this blog. reality life took over and ultimately that's my priority. the summer has been an absolute blast for us and the last few days was kinda hectic. i got aston ready for 3rd grade. we shopped for school supplies and completed yearly checkups. we also took a few last minute trips to close out summer. i'll share some of our pics below. 

this week is his first week back at school. everyday he's been excited to share details about his new friends, classroom and teacher. i am optimistic that this will be another great year for him. today is day 2 and we still got new routines to get used to. i am back to my carpool duties and early wakeup call as well.





scenes from our last two trips this past summer, destin and chicago. just a brief change of scenery for us before school officially started! 

i'm hoping to keep this blog rolling more as i settle back into our routine. in the meantime, i'm still busy in IG, if you care to scroll. thanks and have a great day! 



Love all your summer photos...great fun for family!!

cheekeegirl said...

where are you base po?

Lili said...

Cheekeegirl - texas :-) thanks for stopping by