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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


READY TO PACK?  above are few luggage options and accessories

this summer i'm sure you've got lots of travel plans. i love the travel part, hate the packing part of it. no matter how often we travel, i am resigned to the fact that i am not an efficient pack-er. my husband usually does all the packing and he's so good at it. he's got a method of organizing and folding in such an efficient manner. 

i usually take out all the clothes for us  including shoes, under garments, nightwear and then he sorts them out and trims out items he thinks we don't need. me on the other hand, i usually end up
 stopping by the hotel gift shop for something i'd forgot to include in my toiletries. ha! 

we usually take our blue rimowa - lightweight and sturdy - and most recently, i found the best tote carry on for the plane (super large and reversible too) and the best part, it's under $40. inside my tote, i sort my stuff such as earphones, tissues, hand sanitizer, glasses etc. using assorted travel bags to organize them. it makes easier to find items in such a huge tote. aston  carries his own back pack and loads it up with toys and snacks enough to keep him busy through the flight.

a few helpful links for your future travel plans : tips, tricks and musts. once you've got that all down, make sure you enjoy your trip. getting to your destination is just a portion of your vacation and remember to enjoy the rest of it.

safe travels!


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