thoughts for tuesday

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

hi friends, sorry for a no-monday post but monday hit real hard and fast (weekend was too short!) for me as i committed to volunteer for my son's school fieldtrip to the zoo. i didn't know what i was thinking but needless to say, it was quite an experience and if you'd ask me if i'd do it again? i really think i would.

it was a beautiful day. it had been raining on and off the past weekend and thankfully it cleared out monday and it was a gorgeous day. 


i was assigned to 3 boys in aston's class (aston  and 2 classmates) to chaperone around the houston zoo. they were enthusiastic and excited and the whole experience was just as fun to them as it was for me. they were so behaved and mild mannered and i think i lucked out. the boys voted that their favorites where the aquarium and reptile exhibits! i agree! 


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happy tuesday friends!