hello monday

Monday, January 12, 2015

hi friends! another monday, another week.

in other news, last night was the Golden Globes and i think the red carpet spectacle did not disappoint. 

quickly though, my best dressed award goes to emma stone  in lanvin. it's got a little bit of everything - pockets, back drama, sequins. and i love her tousled bob!

worst dressed : jennifer aniston. this may not be the popular choice but i find her dress last night as dated, boring and yet again, black. prom night throwback circa 1995. doesn't matter that it's saint laurent. still major yawn. 

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Leslie said...

I am SO feeling that graphic right now! I'm also wishing I hadn't missed the Golden Globes. :-( I do think I had a prom dress similar to Jennifer Aniston's now that you mention it...