thanksgiving feast

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

thanksgiving dinner prep really intimidates me. so year after year i do a fool proof meal of turducken, sweet potato casserole and chinese ham which i just order, bake and "prepare". this year i am sad because the restaurant that we've ordered our ham and yams for over 15 years had closed down this past summer and i am so bummed out.

for those who want an easy and delicious thanksgiving complete meal, i highly recommend ordering in. that way you get to spend more time with loved ones instead of slaving in the kitchen. i do admire those that do a complete thanksgiving meal from scratch but if you're like me, ordering and mainly "heating" up the food is the perfect way to go. i am seriously afraid of ruining a thanksgiving celebration with a disaster turkey meal.

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Leslie said...

Lili, I definitely understand how intimidating the whole meal can be; and how sad it must be that a favorite restaurant of yours has closed. Hopefully this will be an opportunity to start some new traditions that will become well loved.