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Friday, November 7, 2014

it's november and i have turkey feast on my mind! 

thanksgiving is a favorite holiday and i am just thankful that our family have been blessed all these years with good health, bountiful blessings and a multitude of great friendships through the years. i look forward to celebrating this season with relatives and friends and it just warms my heart that there is a whole lot of love going around! so so grateful i am! 

some favorites this week : 

BLOGGING //  helpful tips from julie  on how to plan and organize your blogging holiday schedule

BAKING // a bloomin' baked apple recipe that will be a sure dessert hit this fall! 

MUSIC // such an inspirational video and the best mash-up hit between cindi lauper  and sara bareilles. 

INSTAGRAM // a must-follow instagram account. and btw, he's only 4 years old.

STYLE // i've been wearing sneakers almost everyday for just an easy, casual look. here are a few ways on how to stylishly wear your sneakers!

SHOPPING // my friend nina's  online shop PBC CLOSET is having a major 30% off sale going on now! great time to shop for holiday gifts ~ use code : FALL30 (ends sunday 11/9) !

ok guys, that is it. check out all the links above for a great weekend read!

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