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Thursday, August 7, 2014

i may have a new project coming up fixing up a new place up in chicago at the heart of michigan ave. a small condo space right at the magnificent mile strip with all it's urban conveniences just steps away from retail shops, restaurants and museums.  

we travel to chicago often and finding this place was just a gem. i knew exactly what i want to do with this space. it's tiny but just right for our family of three. here are a few design ideas i'm toying with.....

making the kitchen light and airy with white walls and carrera marble countertops and open shelvings

splurge on gorgeous white tiles for the small bath space. tossing the old tub out and replacing with a shower space with a rain showerhead. 

decorate with clear and simple accessories and furniture, avoiding clutter.

it'll definitely be a design major challenge since we live out of town. i'll have to consider the logistics for these renovation and deliveries. that will be another update much later on.   

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