a busy summer for kids

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

it's quite challenging to get your kids busy all throughout summer. camp is obviously not all summer long and on days that the kids are home, they itch to do something fun everyday. 

before summer kicked off, we bought a badminton set and managed to set up a table tennis inside the house (yes, inside  the house). it does get really hot outside, so we try to do indoor activities as much as we can. we do play outside later in the day when the sun is down doing tennis or badminton.

yesterday, aston  enjoyed painting a pottery set i got on sale from michaels. since he is done with summer camp, he's been home waking up late and just playing all day either with his superheroes or lego sets. his tutor still comes to the house twice a week but most days he's on a free schedule trying to make the most of summer lazy days. 

here are a few games and activities your kids may want to try this summer : 

i'm sure the little ones will be busy for hours and hours! 

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