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Thursday, May 1, 2014

i love trying out new products and i certainly love being introduced to new organic natural products for bath and body care. i think the first step to complete body care is making sure that what we are applying to our bodies are free from harsh and toxic chemical ingredients. 

elmbaby has generously introduced me to a new line called oh-lief,  an all natural all certified organic body products for baby, toddlers and the whole family. it is made in south africa with ingredients even good for sensitive skin and not harmful to the environment as well. they sent me the oh-lief natural body lotion in roman chamomile to test out. 

it is a very rich creamy lotion, not greasy at all. it has a very faint chamomile scent (very much like the scent of chamomile tea that you drink) which even for those who are sensitive to the slightest scents or perfumes may like. it leaves skin well moisturized and smooth. the formula is not super thick, it blends and melt in the skin effortlessly. i think it's great for babies and kids as well to avoid rashes and dry patches in the skin. even more perfect for pregnant mommies and mommies-to-be to moisturize stretched skin in the belly. 


TIP : another great idea for a mother's day gift ~ a basket filled with a complete 
oh lief  product treats such as a lip balm, hand lotion, olive heel balmbody wash and so much more! 


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