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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

i am back after a few days of hiatus. not exactly what i planned but things got a little hectic around here. you name it - taxes due, allergies, new software at work etc. i can't get a new blogpost out since monday! 

anyway, i am back and i've got a treat for you all. if you all follow me in instagram @swankychicfete, i posted a sneak peek photo of a really neat necklace i received in the mail from my friends over at SNAKE AND FAWN (thank you!).

a few weeks ago, they have contacted me to design my own custom necklace with a name or phrase or anything ~ using my own handwriting. pretty neat huh? i chose to have my son aston  write his own name on a piece of paper. i then forwarded it to snake and fawn and they transformed it into a necklace that turned out so special and beautiful. now i have something personal of our little guy close to my heart and i get to wear it everyday!


creating your's is simple and easy. you can choose from a variety of finishes - blue or pink nylon, matte black steel, silver or gold-plated (mine is gold-plated). their shop has only a few steps for you to completely create your special piece and i will have a discount coupon for you below too! 

it arrived in a bright orange package. the necklace's material is so sturdy and of high quality. do check out more images of completed necklaces here. these jewelry pieces are perfect gifts for graduation, birthdays, mother's/father's day or anniversary and so much more. it is unique and so much more personal to be able to create it with your one-of-a-kind handwriting. 

even more special is our exclusive discount code to use for a 25% off 
using code : SWANKY via ordering through here


**this blogpost is in collaboration with snake and fawn** 

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